School Council

Keysborough Primary School Council Members 2021


Executive Officer: Leanne Armao (School Principal)
President: Gizelle Katsivelos
Vice President: Andrea Shields
Treasurer: Tamblyn Petrzilka
Correspondence Secretary: Krissi Moores
Minutes Secretary: Carly Bourke
Additional Parent Members: Peter Soteriou, Jenny Nixon,Jacqueline Costigan, Lie Lim & Natalie Lee. 
Additional DEECD Member: Carly Bourke (Assistant Principal), Christopher Williams (Assistant Principal) and Julie Nhem (Teacher)
Community Member: Anthony Semann


The Keysborough Primary School Council plays an active role in the school.

School Council

  • assists in the governance of the school
  • ensures that its decisions are in the best interests of the students
  • enhances the educational opportunities of students at the school
  • ensures the school comp[lies with government regulations, guidelines and policiess
  • school Council elections are held each year in Term 1.

Strategic Plan 2018 - 2022
Our School Review took place in October 2018 and our new School Strategic Plan has been written and approved by the Regional Office.


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