A Message from the Principal

On behalf of the children, parents, staff and School Council welcome to Keysborough Primary School. Our purpose is ‘Future Making For Every Student’.  Our learning and teaching environments are focused on:  

  • Enabling our students to be strongly literate, numerate, curious and skilled to embrace the  21st century.
  • Each child seeing the importance of learning and creativity as enduring features of their lives.
  • The child having a strong moral compass to make sense of and influence their complex world.
  • Every child being optimistic and resilient; possessing a strong sense of identity and worth; having a sure knowledge of who they are and how to live a worthy life.
  • Every child having a strong sense of connection and purpose in their lives.
  • Every child being connected and contributing to family, friends, communities and the planet we share.
  • Every child enabled as a person, committed to improving their world.


Our teaching focus is on the child as the learner.  Our children ‘s learning is based in inquiry supported by strongly developed literacy and numeracy skills.  Teachers are focused on:

  • The child as the learner.
  • Inquiry projects are formed on the  experiential learning created by the child through self-guided curriculum.
  • The approach to learning seeing our children actively constructing their own knowledge from the experiences they create and design.
  • The Magical Classrooms connecting us and building rich learning and teaching  relationships within beautiful spaces.

The children, staff, parents and I are very proud of our school.  If you are new to our school community I welcome and trust your involvement in the school will be a rich and rewarding one .  That your child enjoys school and makes friends as they grow as learners.


We love our community and you are very welcome to come and chat with us about our school.  Our teachers are happy to discuss your child’s progress, or anything related to the school.  Your contributions are highly valued and important to us.  Together we can achieve great things.


Leanne Armao





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