The Keysborough Primary School teaching and learning team develop and plan dynamic and real-life Mathematics lessons using an open-ended approach and the use of problem-solving strategies and tools. As well as confidence in the four proficiencies of fluency, understanding, reasoning and problem solving.


Our Numeracy Improvement Team strives to inspire and achieve outstanding teacher practice across the school and our teaching and learning team ensure their classroom environments are mathematically rich to inspire our children to thrive and contribute to Mathematics learning.


From the Victorian Curriculum, our teaching and learning team are guided by these rationales and aims in Mathematics from Foundation-Year 6, and beyond.


The Mathematics curriculum aims to ensure that students:

  • develop useful mathematical and numeracy skills for everyday life, work and as active and critical citizens in a technological world
  • see connections and apply mathematical concepts, skills and processes to pose and solve problems in mathematics and in other disciplines and contexts
  • acquire specialist knowledge and skills in mathematics that provide for further study in the discipline
  • appreciate mathematics as a discipline – its history, ideas, problems and applications, aesthetics and philosophy.


The Mathematics curriculum focuses on developing increasingly sophisticated and refined mathematical understanding, fluency, reasoning, modelling and problem-solving. These capabilities enable students to respond to familiar and unfamiliar situations by employing mathematics to make informed decisions and solve problems efficiently.


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