Physical Education

At Keysborough Primary School, we value physical activity for all students and their families.  Each week students will participate in a Health and Physical Education lesson which allows students the opportunity to be active as well as promoting positive attitudes towards healthy living. 


The physical education program initially focusses on developing fundamental motor skills to a point where students are ready to participate in modified sports games and activities.  Through these games and activities students gain awareness of specialised movement patterns and spatial requirements, participating and using equipment in a safe and responsible manner and developing the attributes of honesty and fair play in order to become a respected team member.


In addition to our weekly Health and Physical Education program, students also participate in

  • Water Safe Swimming Program (Foundation to Year 6);
  • House Sports;
  • Bike Education (Years 5/6);
  • Inter School Sport (Years 5/6);
  • Specialist clinics provided by expert coaches and players;
  • District Athletics and cross-country carnivals (Years 4 – 6) where students have the opportunity to progress through district, zone and state championships in all sports.

Above all, the main emphasis of the Health and Physical Education program is for students to actively participate, try their hardest, do their best and HAVE FUN.




Camping Program at KPS.


Year 4 & 5 camp each year.



Year 6 children from KPS go to camp at Wilsons Promontory at the beginning of the year.

There they spend the days in an outdoor environment , walking and doing outdoor adventure activities.


Start saving up for Year 6 if you are in Year 5.

All children have enjoyed learning, having fun and developing friendships at the Prom over the last few years.

















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