Child Safe Standards Student Leaders Meeting

This week our student school leaders and the wellbeing student leaders met with the Wellbeing Leading teacher and Assitant Principal to look at the CSS Code of Conduct and aspects of the Child Safe Standards Risk management document.


Our new Child Safety Code of Conduct sets the boundaries and expectations for appropriate behaviours between adults and students.


It also clarifies behaviours that are not acceptable in our physical and online environments.


We ensure that students also know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable so that they can be clear and confident about what to expect from adults in the school.


We had met a few weeks ago, where the leaders read and discussed the KPS Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy.


The students spoke of their ideas of student empowerment and understanding why the documents exist and support KPS being Child Safe.
They presented some of their uderstamdings to a whole school & kin are always invited to attend via Webex.


These policy documents are all available via our school website.

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